Andrew Terrill

The outdoor diary of a writer, photographer, and wilderness wanderer


Welcome to my blog: the diary of a wilderness wanderer.

The earth beneath my feet – It’s what I am passionate about, it’s what I live for: to feel the earth beneath my feet. Not pavement, not concrete and especially not carpet, but the earth – the wild earth – in its many natural forms.

I have written two books about this passion: The Earth Beneath My Feet and On Sacred Ground. The books describe an 18-month, 7000-mile wilderness walk from Calabria in southern Italy to the North Cape at the top of Norway. The journey led deep into the heart of wild Europe, revealing places few Europeans know exist, let alone visit. Travel wasn’t always easy. There were adventures, struggles, but also rewards. The books tell the full story: how living outdoors immersed in nature through all seasons completely transformed my life…

The Earth Beneath My Feet and On Sacred Ground will be published early in 2021. If you’d like to be notified when, please fill in the fields below (coming soon), or send me an email.

When I walked across Europe I walked alone, and I still often walk alone now. But through this blog I hope you’ll tag along and share the miles with me…

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