“We live on an enchanted rock. Awareness of it changes everything.”

—Andrew Terrill, author of The Earth Beneath My Feet

An enchanted rockthat’s what we live on, and that’s what the Enchanted Rock Press has been founded to celebrate; the remarkable, fragile and enchanted planet we call home.

Enchanted Rock Press is a new independent book publishing imprint. Our focus is wild nature, and our mission is to share experiences of it that transport readers into the wild. We want to inspire people to step outdoors into our planet’s enchanted places, and we want to do it in a way that encourages a thoughtful, joyful, and above all respectful approach.

Our Books

NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon in paperback and ebook format, our first book: The Earth Beneath My Feet.

Written by wilderness wanderer Andrew Terrill, The Earth Beneath My Feet begins an extraordinary true story about a 7,000-mile solo walk. Hiking from Calabria in Italy to the top of Norway, Terrill reveals the wild side of Europe that most people miss. A compelling travel narrative about a challenging physical journey, The Earth Beneath My Feet also explores ‘the journey within’ – a passionate search for belonging within the natural world. For US readers, find the book on Amazon: HERE For UK readers, find the book on Amazon: HERE

On October 1, 2022 we will publish On Sacred Ground, the concluding part of Terrill’s remarkable wilderness journey.

Facing a fierce winter that stretches through to July, Terrill continues walking from the dark forests of Central Europe to the rugged Norwegian Arctic, and along the way learns a great many lessons the hard way – lessons that have the power to change life profoundly.

For further details, please visit the author’s website:

Enchanted Rock Press is based in Golden, Colorado on the edge of the Rocky Mountains.

Founded in spring 2021, Enchanted Rock Press is supported by industry professionals with decades of writing, editing, and publishing experience.

For all enquiries, and to sign up for news and notifications, please fill out the contact form below. We are not looking for submissions at this time.

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