“We live on an enchanted rock. Awareness of it changes everything.”

—Andrew Terrill, author of The Earth Beneath My Feet

An enchanted rockthat’s what we live on, and that’s what the Enchanted Rock Press has been founded to celebrate; the remarkable, fragile and enchanted planet we call home.

Enchanted Rock Press is a new independent book publishing imprint. Our focus is wild nature, and our mission is to share experiences of it that transport readers into the wild. We want to inspire people to step outdoors into our planet’s enchanted places, and we want to do it in a way that encourages a thoughtful, joyful, and above all respectful approach.

Our Books

The Earth Beneath My Feet Enchanted Rock Press

NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon (and elsewhere) in hardback, paperback and ebook formats, our first book: The Earth Beneath My Feet.

Written by wilderness wanderer Andrew Terrill, The Earth Beneath My Feet begins an extraordinary true story about a 7,000-mile solo walk. Hiking from Calabria in Italy to the top of Norway, Terrill reveals the wild side of Europe that most people miss. A compelling travel narrative about a challenging physical journey, The Earth Beneath My Feet also explores ‘the journey within’ – a passionate search for belonging within the natural world. For US readers, find the book on Amazon: HERE For UK readers, find the book on Amazon: HERE

“There’s a classic of outdoor literature in the making here… If this and its not-yet-published sequel (On Sacred Ground) don’t cream off every outdoor writing award going, then there’s no justice.”
—Jim Perrin, two-time winner at the Banff Mountain Book Festival, and two-time winner of the Boardman Tasker prize for Mountain Literature.

“Twenty years ago when I published some of Andrew’s early articles in The Great Outdoors magazine I said he was going to become one of the truly great outdoor writers. The Earth Beneath My Feet has proved me correct.”
—Cameron McNeish, Author and television presenter.

“The writing is direct, descriptive, and subtle. There’s a great deal of depth to the words and many passages repay rereading. This is far more than the account of a long walk.”
—Chris Townsend, Author of The Backpacker’s Handbook and many other hiking books.

“It bursts onto the page with the freshness of youth, full of energy, excitement, anticipation and innocence.”
—Ian R. Mitchell, Winner of The Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature.

“The grinding lows and euphoric highs are recounted in an engaging and conversational style that puts the reader in the heart of the narrative. Anyone who recalls the wanderings of their own youth, the sense of limitless possibility, that glorious detachment, will find something to relate to here. The Earth Beneath My Feet is an engaging and inspiring read.”
—Dan Bailey, UKHillwalking.com.

“The more you read the more you don’t want it to end. It’s the first book in years that I’ve set 30 – 45 minutes aside for each evening, knowing that within a paragraph the worries of the everyday world would fadeaway.”
—Dave Mycroft, MyOutdoors.co.uk.

The Earth Beneath My Feet is a multi-layered narrative of toil, landscape, history, and self-growth … a moreish book that makes you want to pick up your pack and boots and step out the front door.”
—Ash Routen, Outdoor Journal

“The finest account of a long distance walk I’ve read in decades.”
—John Manning, Lakeland Walker

NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon (and elsewhere) in hardback, paperback and ebook formats, the concluding part of Terrill’s remarkable wilderness journey: On Sacred Ground.

Facing a fierce winter that stretches through to July, Terrill continues walking from the dark forests of Central Europe to the rugged Norwegian Arctic, and along the way learns a great many lessons the hard way – lessons that have the power to change life profoundly.

For further details, please visit the author’s website:

“There are many epic books of epic journeys, but few that so eloquently meld a journey of geographical discovery with one of self-discovery, and even fewer that do it with such brutal honesty. On Sacred Ground takes the reader through the whole range of emotions as the author winds his way forwards on unknown paths. It has the power to make you laugh out loud, to cry, to recognise your own questioning and to genuinely feel the highs and lows of another’s journey. For me it’s up there with Harrer’s Seven Years in Tibet as a journey of enlightenment and Simpson’s Touching the Void in its self awareness. It’s a classic of our age.”
Dave Mycroft, MyOutdoors.co.uk

“…a masterpiece of nature writing beyond anything I’ve ever encountered before. The journey is recounted with such honesty and detail that the reader is transported to another place and time, providing the true escapism that every reader hopes to achieve when delving into a new book. The journey is as much spiritual as physical, and the happiness Andrew achieves towards the end of The Walk is truly inspiring and uplifting. His descriptions of the natural environment (and the people he meets) are exceptional. A superb read worthy of the highest praise. Beware of the resulting wanderlust this book will bring forth!”
Stephen Sexton, author of ‘A Long Walk in Spain’.

“It’s about rigour, human tenacity, resourcefulness, connection and perhaps above all good humour and forward-looking optimism. He recounts his impressions and emotions en-route in so straightforward and honest a manner that you can’t help but be charmed by his company and good-natured intent. He’s not out to impress. He simply wants to see for himself what’s out there in Europe’s few remaining truly wild places, and in turn to convey a vibrant sense of them to us, his armchair readers. In this he succeeds beyond all expectations I had of his story. Here, then, is the newest classic of our outdoor literature.”
Jim Perrin, author, two-time winner at the Banff Mountain Book Festival, and two-time winner of the Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature.

“Once in a generation, a writer distils the essence of backpacking into a book that enfolds the reader in the author’s mindset, transporting them to the very landscape through which they are travelling, conjuring up the sounds, smells and even the mud and snow through which they tramp. Colin Fletcher’s The Thousand Mile Summer once did it for me, planting the seed for my 2,650-mile walk along the Pacific Crest Trail. Years before, Eric Newby’s A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush lured me to the Himalaya, while Andrew Stephenson’s Kiwi Tracks helped fuel my desire to tramp some of New Zealand’s Great Walks. On Sacred Ground is in that league: a modern backpacking/travel classic. Like Fletcher before him, he intimately captures the spirit of the activity … Like acclaimed author and conservationist John Muir, Terrill never ceases to be amazed by the landscape: every day is filled with wonder and awe … I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
John Manning, Lakeland Walker magazine

Enchanted Rock Press is based in Golden, Colorado on the edge of the Rocky Mountains.

Founded in spring 2021, Enchanted Rock Press is supported by industry professionals with decades of writing, editing, and publishing experience.

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