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Morning Mist

I DIDN’T PLAN another blog post this week, but this morning’s atmospheric mists were too irresistible not to photograph, and seeing that I now have photographs, I figured I may as well share them!

I’m tempted to write about the morning as well – but I’ll resist that, and let the photos and simple captions tell the story.

Morning mist drifting along the Golden valley, Feb 11, 2021.
Frost beneath Golden Cliffs, formed by moisture in the fog that came and went, came and went, lapping against the mesa like the edge of a sea. Feb 11, 2021.
Mule deer, alert as always, Feb 11, 2021.
Atmospheric conditions beneath the crag, Feb 11, 2021.
Sunlight shining through the fog. The deer seemed untroubled by the temperature, 14 Fahrenheit. Feb 11, 2021.
Putting the zoom lens to good use, spying on the locals, Feb 11, 2021.
Drifting mists near the top of Golden Cliffs, Feb 11, 2021.
Looking east, with Denver well hidden, Feb 11, 2021.
I loved the way the mist was curling over the mesa’s rim, Feb 11, 2021.
Distant Mount Evans. Bet it was chilly up there! Feb 11, 2021.
It’s always peaceful up here, but it seemed especially so this morning, Feb 11, 2021.
It was hard to stop working through the edits on my book and head uphill instead – but I was glad I did! Feb 11, 2021.
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