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High Summer – an update

I THOUGHT IT was high time I shared an update on Chris Townsend’s book, High Summer, to be republished this summer through my imprint, the Enchanted Rock Press.

(Launch date to be confirmed, but watch this space!)

Chris has been sorting through the 3,000 or so slides that he took during the journey, digitising a select number for the book, then sending them my way. To say that it’s been a treat for me as publisher (and fan of Chris) to see them would be an understatement! And to say that I’m not now daydreaming of being back in the Canadian Rockies myself would be an appalling lie!

The images from this journey will be quite an addition to the text. The aim is to include far more than the twenty that appeared in the original edition. The photos will be in colour in the ebook and black and white in the print edition (due to the reality of printing costs.)

Chris gave me permission to a share a few. My personal favourite is the last one: Chris’ smile as he nears the end of his pioneering adventure! I’ve also attached a map of his route: the weaving and at times uncertain line of the first full through hike of the Canadian Rockies!

Chris at the Start on June 22 - Copyright Chris Townsend
Journey’s start! Chris beside Waterton Lakes on the border of USA and Canada, June 22nd, 1988. 1,600 miles of adventurous wilderness backpacking lay ahead.
Lake Magog and Mount Assiniboine July 14 - Copyright Chris Townsend
Lake Magog and Mount Assiniboine, July 14th, 1988. Who wouldn’t want to spend months forging a new backpacking route through a landscape like this?!
Berg Glacier and Mount Robson August 14 - Copyright Chris Townsend
Impressive Berg glacier on the flanks of Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. The photo will be in colour in the ebook. August 14th, 1988.
Camp in the Willmore Wilderness September 3 - Copyright Chris Townsend
Chris in camp in the Willmore Wilderness, September 3rd, 1988.
Approaching the end on the Alaska Highway October 23 - Copyright Chris Townsend
Chris on the Alaska Highway, nearing journey’s end. October 23rd, 1988.
Map of Full Route - Low Res
The full route. The first half was mostly on trail; the second half involved a lot more off-trail pioneering!


For further details about the book please see my blog post: High Summer. To learn more about Chris Townsend and his journeys, please visit his frequently-updated and ever-fascinating website: ChrisTownsendOutdoors.

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