Andrew Terrill

The outdoor diary of a writer, photographer, and wilderness wanderer

Character building adventures #1

WHAT A WEEK! One could despair, very easily. But honestly – what would that achieve? Or one could head outdoors… The year’s second night out took place a modest six-mile walk from home. I’ve been outdoors every day of the year so far, loping in shorts over sun-kissed hills, but finally on the year’s ninth

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New Year 2021 – a quick night out

JANUARY 1ST, and what better way to start the New Year than a quick night out beneath the stars? I mean, what could be better than sleeping outside without a tent, on a summit, in midwinter, in the snow, alone? Would a soft bed be better? Four solid walls? Heating? A warm body to snuggle

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Back home

JUNE 21, 2020 I grew up NOT with the earth beneath my feet but with pavement, concrete, and carpet. Carpet: Hah! Not a surface fit for human feet! Suburban London was home and it offered few surfaces that were wild or untrammeled. Not that I knew anything about wild surfaces… or cared. How could I

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Welcome to my blog: the diary of a wilderness wanderer. The earth beneath my feet – It’s what I am passionate about, it’s what I live for: to feel the earth beneath my feet. Not pavement, not concrete and especially not carpet, but the earth – the wild earth – in its many natural forms.

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