Andrew Terrill

A suburban London boy who found his true home in the world's wild places.

Crepuscular Rays and shadow bands at sunset in colorado


I FELT AS THOUGH I was in my early twenties again as I charged along the trail, expanding my lungs and my horizons, feeling excited by each twist and turn, by everything that lay ahead: the night in camp, the quietness, the simplicity and adventure, and by the season – most of all by the …

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sunset at the Jersey shore august 2021

Book Review – The Nature Fix by Florence Williams

OVER THE PAST TWO MONTHS I’ve been slowly reading an absolutely brilliant book: The Nature Fix – Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative. Within its pages, Florence Williams explores the many ways nature benefits us cognitively, psychologically, physically and physiologically, doing so through immersive visits into natural environments around the world and …

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