Andrew Terrill

A suburban London boy who found his true home in the world's wild places.

Moonlit camp jan 8 2022

On Sacred Ground – a progress report

MY SECOND BOOK – On Sacred Ground – is coming along well. In fact, it’s almost done. The manuscript is fully written, and, aside from a few extra passages, it has been professionally edited. Alex Roddie, my editor, returned the manuscript to me shortly before Christmas. Since then, I’ve been working through his edits obsessively. …

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Crepuscular Rays and shadow bands at sunset in colorado


I FELT AS THOUGH I was in my early twenties again as I charged along the trail, expanding my lungs and my horizons, feeling excited by each twist and turn, by everything that lay ahead: the night in camp, the quietness, the simplicity and adventure, and by the season – most of all by the …

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