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Welcome to my blog, the outdoor diary of someone who prefers to feel the earth beneath his feet. It’s what I am passionate about, it’s what I live for: to feel the earth beneath my feet. Not pavement, not concrete and especially not carpet, but the wild earth in its many natural forms.

I have written two books about this passion: The Earth Beneath My Feet (published June 1, 2021) and On Sacred Ground (published October 1, 2022). The books take readers on a 7,000-mile wilderness walk into the heart of wild nature, and the purpose of this blog is to add extra background to the books. But it is also to share and celebrate the wild, and perhaps even to inspire. From engaging deeply with nature I’ve received extraordinary rewards, and if this blog can lead even one other person towards those rewards then it will have served its purpose.

Many of my wilderness journeys take place alone, but through this blog I hope you’ll tag along and share the miles with me. Thanks for stopping by!

Andrew Terrill Colorado Sunset October 2022

NOW AVAILABLE: The Earth Beneath My Feet & On Sacred Ground

The Earth Beneath My Feet and On Sacred Ground October 2022

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The Earth Beneath My Feet & On Sacred Ground: the inspiring true story of a 7,000-mile solo walk through the wild side of Europe.

In the U.K., find the books: HERE. And in the U.S., HERE.

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Latest Blog Posts

igloo in forest with spindrift march 27 2023

Igloo in the Spindrift

MARCH SEEMS TO have become ‘igloo month’ for me, and this year was no exception. Building a shelter from snow (ie, being an adult but playing like a child) and then sleeping in it is a hard-to-beat mountain pleasure – and it’s a pleasure that’s made even greater when shared with friends new to the

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004 mountaineer and spindrift on mount bierstadt with sawtooth ridge in winter colorado

A Breezy Day Out on Mount Bierstadt

FOR THE PAST few weeks (well, months) I’ve been meaning to share an update on the status of my books, on a whole bunch of outdoor adventures, on life, and most of all on two exciting new book projects that I’ve been working on… but I haven’t quite managed to get to it – as

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sunset in the Norwegian Arctic

On Sacred Ground – in Colour

FOLLOWING ON FROM a blog post I made back in November, 2021 ( The Earth Beneath My Feet – in Colour ) I thought it was about time I added a similar post for On Sacred Ground. Consider it an extra to the book… for those that have read it. If you haven’t read it

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Mount Evans Mount Blue Sky Colorado in winter snow
Outdoor Experiences

A Rare Opportunity

RISING WEST OF Denver, Colorado, like a giant wave is an iconic fourteen-thousand foot mountain that millions of people stare up to every day. (When they remember to look up, that is, and when clear skies allow it.) This mountain is a reminder to everyone below that there is more to life than concrete, commerce,

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Murray Lake Camp Sunset Gray Wolf Evans and Bierstadt 10-15-22

One Night, But So Much More

SINGLE NIGHT OUTINGS might not provide the immersive depth of multi-month trips, but then again… For various reasons – mostly because of the area’s well-known popularity – I’d never before walked to Colorado’s Front Range lakes of Silver Dollar or Murray Lake, despite them being so close to home. But finally a spur-of-the-moment decision changed

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On Sacred Ground Publishing The Book
Character building adventures

On Sacred Ground is Now Available!

ON SACRED GROUND is finally available! It can be found on Amazon as a paperback, an ebook and a hardcover (with extra photos!) For UK readers the book is here And in the US, here     It’s no exaggeration to say that creating On Sacred Ground has been ‘a journey’. This book, like The

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